Yrsa Solveig Grüning

The founder of the project is Yrsa Solveig Grüning

I was born in 1945 and since my youth I have had a dream of starting a children’s home. At an age of 59, I realised my dream. I always knew that India was to be the target but exactly where, I didn’t know. There seemed to be need everywhere. With my index finger I pointed at random at the Indian map. It hit Bodh Gaya in the Bihar province, which is one of the poorest areas in India. That happened in the year of 2004. I have run into many problems since then but the final result has turned out fine.
At present i.e.july 2011 we still stay in two rented houses with 80 children.

  1. All these children have lost one or both parents, and they all are low caste or without caste.
  2. All pupils attend payschools - the best education we can give them
  3. We provide free medical care for villages, we work in and also try to spread knowledge of birth control.
  4. We have built wells in order to reduce sources of infections among local population.

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The Children's home is in Bodh Gaya in the state of Bihar

Where do we live

Sunway Foundation Executive Committee contains of the following Danish members:     

  • Mrs. Yrsa S. Grüning
  • Miss Heidi Grüning
  • Mr. Kenneth Svendsen

      Indian members:

  • Shambo Duby (project leader)


Supporting group

In 2006 Mrs. Grüning formed a supporting group with the purpose to help her in her work for Sunway Children:

Mr. Kenneth Svendsen

Deputy Chairman:
Mrs. Heidi Grüning


  • Ole Hansen
  • Christina Bonde
  • Vibeke Wedel
  • David Grüning
  • Karen Theilgaard Sørensen
  • Susanne Hansen
  • Heidi Grüning
  • Lisbeth Strøm




If anybody is interested in such voluntarily work, please contact

Yrsa S. Grüning, Sunway Children:
New ideas are most welcome.

Everybody connected with Sunway Children Home and Foundation work for free.

MAIL TO: YRSA@SUNWAYCHILDREN.DK to learn more,support us on reg.6140 4048383 I MØNS BANK, SUNWAYCHILDRENHOME