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Alle arbejder vederlagsfrit!

Welcome to, a webside,to help the pariah, the homeles, the sick children in India to a better existence.

Look around on the site and help us to help in the childrens home, in the school or bettering the childrens health.


Paperkite children foundation


Tarik with some of our children

for many years economical support and help

Here are pictures from different projects, which would be impossible without

the president and founder of PAPERKITE CHILDRENS FOUNDATION

Mr. Tarik Kadri



The founder of the project, Yrsa Solveig Grüning

was on the 27th. of June honored

by Rotary hundige - Ishøj Rotary in the

famous museum of modern art Arken

in Copenhagen.

She was not only given a check worth 473.100 rupees, She was appointed honoral member of the Paul Harris' fellowship.

Honorary membership is given by election of a Rotary Club to people who have distinguished themselves by meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary ideals. Honorary membership is conferred only in exceptional cases. Honorary members are exempt from the payment of admission fees and dues. They have no voting privileges and are not eligible to hold any office in their club.

Yrsa S. Grüning is not a member of Rotary Club, and that makes the appointment even more spectacular!


Dear all!
1'st  April 2015, I ride on my bike alone from Østerbro in Copenhagen to Bodhgaya in India. In addition to the great adventure I have thrown my love for the fantastic job Yrsa Gruning  has done, by creating an orphanage "sunwaychildren", which lies precisely in Bodhgaya.
If you have met Yrsa personally, there is no doubt about her great love for all the children. Therefore, I have decided to create this collection for the orphanage. At the same time it will make my own trip unique and give me something to fight for when it hurts the most.
All the money that is given, will go to the children, and  this raise of money is specifically earmarked for their school payment, books, shoes, uniforms etc.
The bike ride can be followed on my facebook "sunway solo adventure", where I will update as much as possible.
You can attend the gathering, and follow it on BETTER NOW "FROM DENMARK TO INDIA ON BIKE".
Finally, I would like to encourage you all to share, make likes and comment as much as possible.
Best regards. Martin Nielsen

Martin ready and fit for fight





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MAIL TO: YRSA@SUNWAYCHILDREN.DK to learn more,support us on reg.6140 4048383 I MØNS BANK, SUNWAYCHILDRENHOME