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Copenhagen Strandparken Rotary Club

- one of our main sponsors has actively and generously followed us over the years. They have donated a minibus. We have also received tables and chairs, as well as help with our vaccination program, thank you.

CS Rotary Club has also donated even more financial support, which was earmarked for the construction of our own orphanage, which is being built on the home's own grounds.

Copenhagen Strand Rotary named Yrsa 27 / 6-16 Honorary Fellow of the Poul Harris Fellowship. An honor bestowed on members of Rotary who have distinguished themselves by a very special effort that is in line with Rotary's ideals. Yrsa is not a member of Rotary, which makes the appointment even more remarkable.

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A big thank you to Miniature, who over the years has supported us with both clothes and money.

Here you can watch a little movie from India when Minature was down and visit us [ Click here ]


“When I heard about Yrsa Grüning's project, I was dumbfounded with admiration. Here was a Danish woman who had long felt powerless in relation to offering a personal contribution to a concrete effort in the third world. Instead of letting herself be lulled into the ordinary action-paralyzed resignation most of us know all too well, she put a finger somewhere random on a map of India. Then she raised some capital and put her own savings in the bag and traveled to India. Danish small money goes a long way on those edges, and after some research, she then founded the orphanage Sunway Children in the hopelessly impoverished, casteless area outside Bodh Gaya. Thus, this is a story about a single human being who does not just feel pity at a distance, but actually acts on his empathy and now performs miracles for a large group of suffering people. Since then, my wife and one of my daughters have been down and visiting the orphanage in India, and all in all it is such an uplifting story that I have just been waiting for a chance to try to help Yrsa raise some funds. for her project. And when Bio Bernhard generously announced that they were ready to go into it, it was just a matter of moving on. ”

Michael Falch has supported us with 3 concerts, one with Poul Krebs .

Over time, a number of artists in addition to Michael Falch have donated concerts or lectures to Sunway Children - we are all deeply grateful to you




Claus and Servants


Hot Society Orchestra

Taxi Horns

Lotte Heise

Martin cycles from Østerbro to Bodh Gaya

“On April 1, 2015, I cycled alone from Østerbro in Copenhagen to Bodh Gaya in India. In addition to the great adventure, I have thrown my love for the fantastic work Yrsa Gruning has done by creating the orphanage which is located in Bodhgaya. If you have met Yrsa in person, there is no doubt about her great love for all the children. That is why I have chosen to make this collection. At the same time, it will make my own trip unique and give me something to fight for when it hurts the most ”.


After more than 9,000 km, the collection was DKK 82,160.

All the money went undiminished to the orphanage and we are deeply grateful to Martin and the sponsors.

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