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Festival Durgapuja.

Kære alle. Jeg er normalt i Indien i denne tid, så børnene er kede af, at de ikke kan fejre denne festival sammen med os danskere. Men vigtigt er det, at de kan komme ud i små grupper og købe lidt ind, så de føler, at de får gaver og lidt lækkert spiseligt. Vi er ved at have alle hjemme, så børnene så glade. De har virkelig savnet hinanden. Nu fortæller Rajan og Simpi om den kommende festival:

Rajan: Hello mom, In this mail i will be telling you about a festival in India called DURGAPUJA ..

DURGAPUJA is an annual festival of HINDUS religion in India.. Its huge celebrations takes place only in some states of India but slowly reaching to almost every part of India and now we all celebrate it with so much excitements. According to the hindu religious story, the Goddess named DURGA killed the giant of her time to save the people and to bring happiness among her basically it was a victory of good over evil.. and thus we celebrate this victory every year on the dates falling according to hindu calender year...we celebrate it also because it was a woman behind all these creations of goodness over evil so that we can pay homage or respect to that goddess...

In this, markets are full of a lot of big statues of goddess Durga and so many things to eat and play all around the statues ...we all love to see different types of statues, eat sweets, play games, buy things ,and many more ....we usually wear new clothes when we go out in the market that day ...Almost everytime we have YOU on this festival as it comes in the month of october or november and you also come in the same month we dont worry about going out ,eating, and buying clothes ...But this time due to corona virus ,you are not here and we are missing you so much....Probably we will miss you more when the festival will actually come ...

Not only this but, we are going to have 3 to 4 festival continuosly in october and november this time ...


Shimpi: Hello everyone!!!! As you all know India is country of festival and celebration.....So of our favourite festival that is goddes Durga worship 😉..Generally we use to wear new clothes, and testy food .... As this time mom could not come to us because of this pandemic corona virus ...but she planned to buy clothes for everyone and she want us to celebrate our festival with great joy and love ❤️.. The first day of our shopping with smaller one ❤️❤️ you can see the picture of them ....

Thank you mom such for celebrating our festival and giving us your love and care ❤️❤️

Thank to every one ❤️❤️❤️ Yours shimpi...

Kærlig hilsen fra alle på børnehjemmet og undertegnede.

Yrsa S. Grüning.

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