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Our mission

  • to give the children as safe an upbringing, as close to a normal family life as possible, with respect for Indian norms and rules

  • that the children get as good an education, so that they stand as strong as possible in their further education, as it is their only opportunity to be able to fend for themselves and thus have a better life

  • to teach the children that they are as valuable as all the other people around them as they are influenced by the Indian caste system

  • to raise the standard of hygiene among the local population

  • to prevent tuberculosis and infectious diseases in the local area

  • to disseminate knowledge about family planning and help with contact with the authorities

  • to promote the independence of women


The children's daily lives are characterized by chores that aim to make them independent people. They learn to respect themselves and others, to be responsible for the little ones and themselves in their own actions, to be part of a team and feel the whole place as a family. The children learn to help the disabled who live in the home when they need it.

We use the children as ambassadors in the service of health and hygiene. By teaching them hygiene and disease prevention, we can feel an improvement through the children's home visits.

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