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Become a sponsor

If you want to be a sponsor for one of our lovely children, you have 3 options.

As a sponsor, you regularly receive news from the children's daily life in India, and you are also welcome to write to your "child". This correspondence takes place primarily by mail today.

Remember that it is deductible.


Become a stay-at-home sponsor

You support a child's stay, food, clothes and medicine.

It costs DKK 200 per. month.


Become a school sponsor

You support a child's schooling. Payment is made for payment school, books and school uniform.


It costs DKK 150 a month.


Become a full-sponsor

You support both stays at the orphanage and schooling.

It costs DKK 350 a month.


If you want to help in other ways than through sponsorship, see the possibilities here

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