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Sunway Children

Sunway Children is located in the poor state of Bihar in northeastern India in the city of Bodh Gaya.

We currently live in rented premises. Around 2021/22, we expect to be able to move out to our own orphanage, which is being built.

The children go to school every day except Sunday. They are taught mathematics, science, Sanskrit, Hindi, English, history, social studies and IT. When they get home from school, they read homework. The children go to school in the local area, they cycle themselves or are driven in our minibus.

In their free time they play games, watch TV and are out in the garden. The boys especially like to play cricket. The children participate in cooking, laundry and cleaning.

On Sunday, the children are free from school, but for most, homework is done.

Every day at 5 pm there is a prayer meeting and once a week there is yoga.

The food is primarily vegetarian. It is healthy and nutritious.

Like children in Denmark, our children come to the doctor and dentist regularly.

It is possible to continue education and stay after the age of 18.

The children take care of each other. All smaller children have an older "brother" or "sister" who takes care of them together with the regular staff.

Several of our children have grown up, they still feel that Sunway Children are their family and visit their "brothers" and "sisters" as often as possible.

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