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Meet Animesh

Hi, I'm Animesh, the eldest of Yrsa's "sons". And the first to complete my education.

I have studied pathology and am now working in a medicine laboratory. In addition to my work, I study physiotherapy in Patna. I want to be a doctor. It has always been my dream and Yrsa has supported me all the way.

I have lived at Sunway since 2007, when my father died in 2006. I have a brother and three sisters. My brother and one sister still live in the orphanage.

I am very grateful that Yrsa gave me and my siblings the opportunity to make my future bright. Before I came to the orphanage, I had never thought that I had the opportunity to become a doctor.

Right now I work almost 150 km from Bodh Gaya, but I often want to visit Sunway. When there is a holiday or holiday I return to the kids and love it. I will always be in close contact and when I get the opportunity I will support Sunway financially.

I hope all the kids at Sunway will feel successful, I miss Yrsa and love her more than words can tell.

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